About GDream ...

Artist Name : GDream aka General Dream
First Name : Arnaud
Age : 43 years old
Country : France
Contact : Click Here
Musical Style : Trance, Techno, Dance, Hands up, Hardstyle...
Favorite Group(s)/Artist(s) : Karybde & Scylla, Ice upon FiRe, Ron van Den Beuken, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Tiësto, Motorcycle, Oceanlab, Floorfilla, Scooter, The Real Booty Babes, Astrix, Alex Megane, Pakka, Cyborg Jeff, Basto, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Yiruma, Persian Raver, ...

GDream discovered the soundtracking in 1992 on Amiga and Atari, the software used is called (and still call) the SOUNDTRACKERS (software for assembling sounds on audio tracks), at the  time they were called Soundtracker, Protracker, ScreamTracker, NoiseTracker, OctaMed. they use 4 or 8 simultaneous tracks on which he was playing bass, rhythm, melody, accompaniment. These software were used primarily for demos, music discs, as well as music video games.

In 1996, GDream discovered on PC software that will revolutionize the world of soundtracking, FastTracker. It will replace all soundtrackers 4/8 tracks by the 32 simultaneous tracks. The samples used were of much better quality than soundtrackers 4 tracks. Thereafter come other software (Impulse Tracker, MadTracker, Modplug Tracker Skale Tracker, Renoise) in the same style as Fasttracker.

New generations of soundtrackers (Renoise, Modplug Tracker, ...) are much more advanced than the previous ones, they support 64 tracks, VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins. Currently, they are far exceeded by professional software such as FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, Ableton. VST plugins are modules for converting audio and midi data in real time. VST technology allows to consider any type of conversion, however, found mainly two types of plugins.

- The VST(i) : These plugins allow the conversion of midi data to audio data, this simulates an instrument such as a synthesizer or sampler
- The VST(fx) : they are used to modify the audio data in real time, which can allow for example to simulate acoustic effects such as echo or as an electronic feedback or tremolo

In 2000, GDream met Goor00, Zed, founder, co-founder and members of the soundtracking group "The N-Zone New Formation" with its techno track as "Complex". He joined the group and participate in its development and fame until 2004 when the group disbanded. He meets new members as DsT, Dj Scorpia, Nightflowers, Project X ... During these 4 years, technology and the quality of its tracks have significantly advanced through the sharing of know-how of all members. He makes many co-op with Goor00, Zed, Dj Keys, Malcolm Z, Cyborg Jeff, Crazy Man. He joined the great community of soundtracking Trax In Space in 2000 (which unfortunately closed in 2004). He was also present in other communities such as CTG (Trance Girl Cut), Modulate, Modplug Central, Dance Industries, France DJ, etc ...

Since 2000, GDream created his website where he offers his compositions and remixes. Through dance, techno, trance and some instrumental and experimental experiences as titles such as Dream of the Night, Free Nation, Ballad of Mounrey, his tracks are free because it's a passion he wants to share to all.

In February 2007, he produced his first remix: EVOK - Glime of Sorrow (GDream Remix) under the label Diverted Recordings available for purchase on legal download platforms such as Beatport, Virginmega, Audiojelly, iTunes, Junodownload.

In March 2008, he released two tracks under the label B-Trance Records, Modularity 2007 (Original Mix, Karybde & Scylla Remix, Pakka Remix) and The Power of the Celestial Bewitchment (Original Mix) available for purchase on legal download platforms as Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload.

In April 2008, he produced a remix of Ice upon FiRe - Pegasus, under the label Actuate Recordings, available for purchase on legal download platforms such as Audiojelly, Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload.

In July 2008, he produced a remix of Ice Upon Fire - Desperate Addiction under the label Actuate Recordings, available for purchase on legal download platforms such as Audiojelly, Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload.

In June 2009, he produced a remix of Thierry Cassette - Just After Midnight under the label Actuate Recordings and was produced as a tribute to Thierry, who died in a car accident in December 2008. It's available for purchase on legal download platforms such as Audiojelly, Beatport, Junodownload.

In September 2011, he released in collaboration with Persian Raver and several DJ remixers his new song You are my Angel produced under the label Tullido Records. Mixture of several styles through the Hands Up, Italo Dance, Jumpstyle, etc ... It is for sale on several legal download platforms such as Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes.

In April 2012, he produced a remix of Persian Raver - Supernova Technology under the label Mental Madness Records, available to "purchase on legal download platforms such as Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes.

Thanks to all those who provided help, sympathy :
Megara, Karybde & Scylla, DeoX, Pakka, Ice upon FiRe, Thierry Cassette, Persian Raver, Goor00, ZeD, Nightflowers, DJ FK2, Gazus Snake, Cyborg Jeff, Mum, Dj Scorpia, Project X, Dj Keys, Jon, Synthox, Dj Tombo, Dj CrizZ, Stephan3, Dv.Tech, Vanisher III, CrazyMan, Ravity, Dj Chris, DsT, Looksor, LighTninG, Yonex, Guybrush, Samplemaster, Risto Suomela, MalcolM Z, Phenixir, Wiby, Hantisse13, Black Eagle, Artscoop, FreD, Emy, T-Tracker, Szartd, Dj Sunn30, T-Bird, all former members of T@W and France DJ, and all the other forgotten people.