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Welcome in the musical world of GDream, producer and remixer of Trance, Techno, Dance, Hands-up. Discover, listen and download many free tracks. Other titles are available for purchase in the section "Disco". If you want more information or if you want a title that is not available for download, do not hesitate to contact. Let us guide you through the different sections including section "Bonus", where a big wink to "The N-Zone New formation" is available. Do not hesitate to write a message on the Guestbook. Good journey to all !

In this end of year 2016, i decided to definitely stop my musical activity for various reasons, for lack of time, inspiration and recognition. Since 1996, I've shared my passion for production of EDM (Trance, Techno, Dance, Hands up and Hardstyle)... Some musics have been more successful than others and i am happy to have been able to share the transcription of my emotions with the music. A page about 20 years of existence of GDream is stopped. My passion for music is not less, but in the other side as a simple listener. I will always a great fan of Uplifting Trance or Epic Music. Great thanks to Megara, Goor00, ZeD, Cyborg Jeff, DsT, Vanisher III, CrazyMan, Gazus Snake, Karybde & Scylla, DeoX, Pakka, Ice upon FiRe, Thierry Cassette, Persian Raver, Nightflowers, Jon, Synthox, Dj Tombo, MalcolM Z, Phenixir, Black Eagle, Aeden, Dj Scorpia, Project X, Dj Keys, Dj Chris, Looksor, LighTninG, Yonex and all others people that i forgot for the moments of exchange, collaboration that we had together.

I've spent 20 wonderful years with you, thanks for everything.

Last free track
(January 2015)
Last track under label
(Aprill 2012)
Photographer - Airport
(GDream Remix)
Persian Raver - Supernova Technology
 (GDream Remix)
released under label Mental Madness Records
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